Wall Of Funk

Funk In the Gardens


On Tuesday July 8th we've been graced with the opportunity to entertain for Olbrich Garden's summer concert series from 7pm to 8pm!  So we've put together an hour of some of our more laid back and family appropriate repertoire for you to enjoy in the lovely botanical gardens on Madison's near east side!  The show is free, and we believe there is some ice cream in the general vicinity to be had at a nominal fee we presume.  We hope to see ya out there enjoying some chill groovy vibes with us.  Rock on!


Ye Grande Ol' Local Show


Hello one and all... Mainly one, you our reader. Just a quick update: Scroll down the page just a bit and read about this awesome show. It's gonna be great! This Friday, June 20th, come out to the Frequency and get your ears exploded. Three great bands playing one unforgettable night! Check it out. All you 18, 19, and 20 year olds are welcome too. No beer for you though. Just a few more years though and you can have a few beers and all the music will sound much better than it already is! See you all there, we love you all, and by "all" I mean just you, our reader.


Good Ol' Days Show


This month we've put together a show with the two bands we started out playing with in the Madison scene about 6 or so years ago!  They were the ones that helped get us started and we felt that it was about time to put together this monster of a local show \m/

Oh, and since the flyer doesn't say it, it is an 18+ show, you just gotta pay a little bit more for not being able to drink... legally that is.


Anniversary Celebration of the... Month!


Tomorrow evening!  We're celebrating the 4 year anniversary of the Jimmy K Show and would love to have you join us!  The bonuses for you:  One, it's FREE ... Two, it's an early show so you can still get your needed shut eye for hump day.... and Three, well, that would be the excellence of two bands, two comedians, and the crew of the Jimmy K show packed into a 3 hour show!  We love you, come rock with us :)


How about a little Jimmy K


Well hello, fancy seeing all of you here.  So we have a show coming up here this Saturday, the 29th, up in Baraboo. 

Should be a good time, come on up and buy a raffle ticket and maybe win a guitar.

We recently mixed down this recording of Wall of Funk playing a show for the Color Phase cd release party so check it out-->https://soundcloud.com/walloffunk/live-the-frequency-5-10-13 

The next thing we have planned is to play a show for Jimmy K's 4 year anniversary show! April 15th, doors are at 6, its free, and it will be held at the Frequency here in Madison.  The show is also going to be broadcast live on the Jimmy K show so if you can't make it down tune in!  Check out our calendar for the details.




Bash In Da Bluffs!


Attention dedicated fans!  We'll be playing a show at the very end of this month along with some killer bands up in Baraboo at the Pumphouse.  We're really excited that we get to head back to Baraboo and hope to see some familiar faces.  The event is only $5 and there are some excellent raffle prizes and great drink specials too!  For more info just click on our calendar link on this here website!


Also, Thank you to everyone that came out to support us when we opened up for RA!  We had a blast and have received numerous compliments about the show and that's all thanks to your help!  Rock on, rock on, rock on!


New Year - New Music


Hi everybody!  2013 was a fun year for us with some really great shows, as well as an officiating year, as we are now an LLC!  This is obviously more exciting for us than for you, obviously, but we wanted to share our excitement! 

Now, the one thing we didn't do much of this past year was work on new material, aside from our new Christmas tune "Winter Chill" which you can listen to and download for free right now, here on our website.  So... our goal for this year is to write, write, write, play some new shows in new places, and write some more!  Our goal is to be able to start recording in the spring of 2015 and hopefully have a new release by the end of that year.  We really want to take our time to craft the new songs and try them out in live scenarios to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what can be improved upon.  We are all looking to hone our skills individually and tighten up overall as a band, both creatively and dynamically.  We aren't sure of the new direction that we're heading in sound wise, but as always you can expect variety between modern and classic rock, nu-metal, blues, funk, jazz, progressive, and alternative influences.  We've combined this all simply into our own genre we are going to call "Adventure Groove".

We'd like to thank anyone who may be reading this for supporting us through the past few years.  We hope you'll stick around with us as we journey forth into the unknown... will you let us lead you through a new adventure?


New Xmas 2013 Single "Winter Chill" FREE download!!


With there not being a M.A.Xmas for 2013, we decided to finish off an idea we had started for M.A.Xmas III in 2012.  We wrote it within 2 weeks and recorded it in 2 days in our very own practice space with some extra gear courtesy of our good friends!  It was also mixed and masted in one day shortly before it's release thanks to the amazing Chris Kasper!!  We're really stoked on how this song turned out, and we can't wait to show you the other new stuff we'll be working on in 2014.  But for now, please enjoy a FREE download of our brand new song "Winter Chill" as our Christmas gift to you, our awesome fans.  Have an amazing 2013 holiday season, cheers!!


Hear Ye Hear Ye!


Do what the poster demands!


Birthday Show


Hello all of you funk heads. Hopefully we saw you all at our RHCP set for Dane 101's Freakin' Halloweekend.  If not... shame on you, tsk tsk tsk. For all of you who did make it thank you for coming out and we hope you enjoyed all the tribute bands your pertty little ears could handle.

Now that Halloween is over, we figured we might take a little break for thanksgiving and come back in early December. The big event is going to be taking place at 2116 Atwood avenue, which is a little venue we all know and love called Mr. Roberts!  The main draw is that it will be Lennon's birthday, December 5th, so come and buy him drinks upon drinks. There is also going to be a few live bands performing including your oh so loved Wall Of Funk!

We currently don't have all the details locked in but keep checking up and we're bound to post something sometime in the near future.  So friends and family and acquaintances and loosely affiliated folks, please keep your schedules open as well as your ears and eyes for more updates.


Freakin' Halloweekend



Hello everyone! Where have we have been the past few weeks? Working on our RHCP set, that's where! We have put our noses to the grindstone not only for our upcoming show but also for our RHCP tribute band we will be calling "Me and My Friends".

 So... as we're not sure you all know from reading our blog every waking moment of your lives the afore mentioned show is later this month on Friday the 25th at the High Noon Saloon.  It's this thing Dane 101 likes to host once a year called the Freakin' Halloweekend!

The whole event takes place over two days with 12 tribute bands. We think that ever one of you should go out and buy a ticket right now because we hear that they sell out every year, so if you don't want to miss it go to www.high-noon.com/upcoming

We are little bummed because any people under the legal alcohol consumption age will not be admitted, we know, it's a travesty.  Keep your eyes peeled though youngins because we will have shows you can attend in the future!  For all of you who can attend we hope to see you there!

Quick recap for everyone!

Freakin Halloweekend




the High Noon Saloon 



Like Cocaine Live from We Make Music Happen Sessions


We recently were offered to do a free live in studio video shoot with We Make Music Happen, and thanks to Alejandro Velazquez, Joe Ramos, Thomas Skibsrud, and Scorpion Shots, we've brought Like Cocaine to life!  Also, there's a brief "interview" in there and a fun little promo bit at the begining.

We're really excited and humbled to be the first band to do this with We Make Music Happen, and we're very please with the results.  Hopefully we've also helped to work out some of the kinks so things go even better for the next bands! 

We apologize for not getting many updates out recently.  We were working on and waiting for the finalization of this video.  Also, with being in the thick of Summer work and projects, things got pretty hectic...  I'm sure you can relate! 

We've also been getting ready for another Halloween RHCP tribute show, learning some new songs, and preparing the transition to create a separate RHCP tribute band from Wall Of Funk, which we'll be calling "Me and My Friends".  The show will be on Oct 25th at the High Noon.

We'll be posting more about the Halloween show in the next few weeks, but for now, please enjoy our new video and let us know what you think!! :)


Like Cocaine Re-Mastered!!


Thanks to our good friend Chris Kasper for offering a free re-master of one of our songs, we were able to breathe some new life into one of your favorite songs, Like Cocaine!  You can listen to it by clicking "Play" on the media player on the right of the screen, or go to our Music/Discography section at the top and download it for FREEEEE for your listening pleasure :)

Here's to a great Summer!!


Stranger Than The Average Show


Come on out for a night full of groovy creative psychedellic rock-funk-punky-jazzblues jams at the High Noon! Featuring some of Madison's unique rock bands, it promises to be far from your average show!

Doors @ 9PM - $5 Cover - Ages 21+

Wall Of Funk

Tribal Call

The Mood Manual


Summer Update



Hello!!  We wanted to give you a quick update of what is going on behind the scenes in our world... 

Right now Lennon and Joe are working on 3 new songs, all with a strong adventure groove influence.  One is heavy, one is reggae rock ish, and one is something completely new in itself!  Cal will be in the mix of songwriting as soon as Joe and Lennon have their basic structures down and have some scratch tracks recorded for Cal.  Then, as a whole group we'll finalize the structure, flow, dynamics, and accents throughout the songs.  After that Joe just has to put lyrics together and the songs will be complete.  Our goal is to have rough versions of two new songs completed each month!!  We hope to start recording sometime early next year.

In the meanwhile, we have some new shows coming up in July.  We'll be at the High Noon Saloon on July 19th with bands yet to be added (we just confirmed this show yesterday)!  We're then at The Regent Street Retreat on July 27th for a two stage 10 band line up of excellence!  We hope to keep that show at the RSR, but it was just sold to new owners so things are a little up in the air... We'll keep you posted.  More info on these shows on this page to your right, under the Calendar :)

We also are looking to do a show in our hometown of Cambridge, WI sometime in August, and will hopefully be getting up to the Twin Cities in September, and to Marquette in October or November. 

And finally we're working on learning 8 more RHCP  songs for our new tribute band "Me And My Friends" which will debut officially at this year's Freakin' Halloween at The High Noon!!

We hope to see you around soon, and be sure to have a killer 2013 Summer!!



Colorphase CD Release Party Featuring Wall Of Funk!

Shows, Shows, and New Songs!


The next few weeks are gearing up to be a lot of fun!  Here's what's on tap...

Next Saturday the 27th we'll be headlining the Still Stoned Showcase at the Dragonfly Lounge along with Real Knives, Underground Day 1, and Stoop Goodnoise.  You can expect a bunch of heavy funk metal songs we haven't played live for several months, as well as a trippy, groovy extended breakdown in our opening song!

On May 9th we'll be over in Baraboo for their college's end of year student party in the late afternoon!  Special thank you to Cyrus from Dead Apples for hooking us up with this one :)  I'm sure we'll have to keep our set more PG (hopefully at least PG-13) for this one, but we'll have a blast with it either way!

The next day, Friday May 10th, we'll be opening up for Colorphase at their CD release party at the Frequency!  This one will be a more funk rock oriented set, but you can expect us to be doing a brand spanking new cover song that you'll love!  HINT:  You'll probably be wondering why the fuck we hadn't done the cover sooner...

Other than that we have some stuff in the works for June and will be working on booking through the rest of Summer and Fall. 

However, WOF will be taking it easy on the shows because we're trying to enjoy being in the band more so and not get stressed about being constantly busy.  Although, we will be taking the spare time to enjoy working on some new SONGS!!  Joe recently categorized his riff database and ended up with around 50 riffs ready for sculpting!! 

And a side note, Joe will also be stepping in to play guitar for local Ska/Punk band 4 Aspirin Morning for a few shows in July and August, so get excited for that!!

We'll see you out there, in the meanwhile, keep rockin daily!


Dragonfly Lounge Double Trouble


Man did we have a blast down at the Dragonfly Lounge 2 weeks ago with Sky Road Fly opening up for Mason's Case on their "Cut Your Losses" Tour!  That was the first time we've played there, and we're excited to go back on April 27th to headline the "Still Stoned Showcase" with Real Knives, Underground Day 1, and Stoop Goodnoise!

This show will be our first heavy set in quite a while and the Dragonfly has the perfect cozy basement show atmosphere with out the complete filth of shitty house basement.  Plus there's great bartenders and great drink deals there too!  Also, there's so much haze from the fog machines that the light's down there can really add a great mood to the intimate setting of being right on the floor next to the bands!  On that note, you could probably hit a bowl down there and no one would notice...  which would only be fitting for the "Still Stoned" title!  However, partake at your own risk!

Also, shortly after that show, we'll be playing at The Frequency on May 10th opening up for Colorphase at their CD release party!! 

Spring is starting to gear up with some great shows leading into the summer, we hope to see you out there supporting the scene with us :)

Rock on you groovy funk metal lovers, rock on!


First Show in 3 Months!


Finally!!!  ...Even though we took a much needed break, and it feels like it's been forever since we've played out live, we can't wait to get back on the stage and rock with you! 

Coming up on Saturday, March 23rd, we'll be playing a set at The Dragonfly Lounge, and if you haven't been to this great little venue yet, you're going to love the atmosphere! 

To compliment the other bands playing, and the venue setting, we'll be playing another rare "chill" set for your enjoyment, along with a brand new song!!

But most importantly, our good friends from Michigan, Mason's Case, will be headlining the show on their "Cut Your Losses" Tour!

Also, our other friends and local Madison band "Sky Road Fly" will be opening up the evening!

Mark it on your calendar and get excited for March 23rd because we guarantee you're going to have an excellent night! 

Ages 21+, $5 Cover.


Funky Christmas/Last show of 2012


Look to your right!  The right side of your computer screen that is, you'll see the music player... click on the first track titled "Funky Christmas", you're now listening to this year's funkiest M.A.XMas original by yours truly, Wall Of Funk!  As opposed to the past two years of M.A.XMas, we decided to only focus on one song this year, considering we had to write and record this song during the same month we had to learn 8 new songs for the Deftones cover set we did for Halloween this year (video to come soon).  The result from our focus on only one song this year is a wild funky groove with a wicked bass/guitar solo breakdown and crazy Christmas party vocals!  We want YOU to have a Funky Christmas with us!  You can buy M.A.XMas here:  http://maxmas.bandcamp.com/album/m-a-xmas-vol-iii

Secondly, we're playing another show with our good friends Narrow Vines at the Frequency, Saturday the 22nd at 8PM!  This will be our LAST show of the year and the last time you'll see us live for a few months, as we'll be taking some much needed R&R after 5 years of being together non stop.  Don't worry though, we plan on using the break to work on personal stuff and come back with new energy, excitement, and vision for the the future of the band.  SO... You'd be stupid to miss this chance for a killer set at the best rock venue in town, as well as celebrate the Holidays getting drunk, AND enjoying the fact that the world DIDN'T END!  Unless your a glass half empty kind of person...

Most importantly, don't forget to give the best gift you can this year, MUSIC!  At the show on the 22nd, we'll be giving away a MAXMas CD with every sale of one of our own CD's!  You could buy a WOF CD for your family or friend and keep the free CD, or vice versa!  Please help support and spread the love of local music :) However, if you're out of town you can still give some WOF for the ears by clicking on the "Buy Our CD's" link at the top of this page.  \m/


M.A.XMAS Volume 3


It's that time again!!  M.A.XMAS is here for the local Madison music scene to celebrate and enjoy!  This year's album features some old favorites (4AM, Gov. Zero, Lot 74), as well as some newcomers (Tiger Clutch, Underground Day One), and promises to show the true local flavor in the most kick ass Holiday way possible

This is our third year doing this project and we are extra thankful to Mr. John Kussow and Jeremy Gehler for putting everything together one more time and having us be a part of it!  We also can't wait for you to hear this year's track "Funky Christmas"!!!!  Now we know we've done a cover song the past two years, but without another Christmas classic with the word "rock" in the title, we didn't know what to do.  Also, just being really busy with learning a Deftones set for Halloween in one month kinda took up a lot of the band's time.  So we decided to focus on just one song to deliver one really good product compared to two alright products. 

The lyrics on this year's album were somewhat inspired from "The Night Before Christmas", but involve way more fun and edgy "adult" themes.  You can also expect to hear a some heavy RHCP grooves and raps on "Funky Christmas", as well as a heavy RATM style chorus and a wild and weird Primus-esque bass/guitar breakdown/solo with a dark chromatic funky feel to it! 

So, that being said, M.A.XMAS is planned to be released on December 1st 2012 at the Frequency.  It's going to be an early show, starting at 3PM.  You can find more info on our Calendar here:  http://walloffunk.com/calendar

ALSO, as a fundraiser/hellraiser, we'll be playing with Tiger Clutch, 4AM, and Dr. Noise this Thursday, November 15th at Mr. Roberts for Santa's Sweatshop M.A.XMas Pre-Show Party!  You can also find that info on our Calendar.

Stay tuned for DECEMBER 1st for the release of M.A.XMAS VOL. 3, we hope to see you at the show, and if not, be sure to stop by our website to listen "Funky Christmas" for FREEEEE!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS :D



Deftones Cover Set


Wall Of Funk will be playing alongside, YLab, Second Soul, and Lords of the Trident for their second year back at Maximum Ink's Annual Halloween Spoof Show at The Frequency!!  We'll be covering 8 full songs of the DEFTONES \m/ Also, we'll be going on FIRST at 9PM, so please get there early :)  AND, for our first time ever, we'll be featuring a special guest vocalist for one of the songs in our set!!! 

Other bands that will be covered are:  early Motley Crue, Rock of Ages, and Ronny James DIO!!! 

It's sure to be a great time, so throw on your costume and join us for another amazing Halloween celebration this coming Friday, October 26th!





WOW!  What an incredible show last Friday!!!  Thank you sooooo much to everyone that came out the release party and every one that helped us make it a success!!!  We had a great time rocking out with everybody, and special thanks to Chaos Revolution Theory and Subatomic for playing kick ass sets!!! We're incredibly flattered to hear so many great comments about both the show and the CD too :)

So, as of right now we have the CD for sale online at CDBaby.com (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/walloffunk3) and very shortly available on iTunes... We did say that Sometimes Life would be on iTunes the day after the relase, we know and we apologize.  I guess we sent the CD's in too late :( However you could always come out to live show and buy one yourself!  Like at the one we have coming up at the Frequency on September 21st with Narrow Vines, or on September 27th at Mr. Roberts with Dead Apples!!  We'll also be heading to the Steven's Point area and the Chicago area coming up in October.

So stay tuned for some new videos still to come such as Lennon and Joe's drum and bass show, guitar and bass part videos for Sometimes Life and Vital Hiatus, various live clips, and more footage from the making of Sometimes Life!!

Check out the album art for Sometimes Life below :)


Live Acoustic Performance and New Merch!


The time has just about arrived for the release of our new four song EP Sometimes Life!!  Come out to the Regent Street Retreat this Friday, Aug. 31st to see our longest live performance ever featuring the "Wheel Of Funk" and grab your very own copy of Sometimes Life

But before then, we'll be doing a live acoustic performance on the Jimmy K show on Max Ink Radio tomorrow, (8/28/12) at 8PM!!  Tune in at:  www.maxinkradio.com  and you can hear some of the new tracks as well as a live performance of one of the new songs too!

Aside from the fact that this is our first release in two years since our debut album Vital Hiatus that came out back in 2010, you can also get some of our brand new kick ass merch this Friday too!  Check it out below!

This will be our biggest show in a long time, see more details on our calendar page, or e-mail us at waloffunk@gmail.com with any questions... and if you can't make it to the show, you'll be able to get the EP on iTunes the very next day!!  Keep rockin!


Teaser Vid for "Sometimes Life"


Check out the quick teaser Cal made up for "Sometimes Life" from our random tracking video footage :)  It may be short, we know, but stay tuned for a slightly longer teaser with live riffage from the EP!  But for now, just hit play below and enjoy until we see you August 31st at the RSR stage for the release!




"Illusions" is one of the songs to be released on our second EP Sometimes Life coming up on August 31st 2012 at the same venue this live version below was filmed at (The Regent Street Retreat on July 31st 2010).  Believe us when we tell you that this song has greatly improved since we started playing it live... in fact this video may just be the first time we played it live!  This song will be the second track on the new EP, and you'll definitely notice some changes from this version, such as Joe actually sings all of the verses instead of just yelling them.  There's also some singing over the punky breakdown now, as well as an extended intro... Plus we performed it way better and had a lot more experience under our belts as "Wall Of Funk".  For now, enjoy the video below and we can't wait to play this for you live at our release party in three weeks, Aug. 31st at the Regent Street Retreat with our good friends Chaos Revolution Theory and Subatomic!!


Wall Of Funk's CD Release Party for "Sometimes Life"

Drum and Bass Funk Metal Odyssey


Yep you read that right!  While drummer Cal Lamore will be off playing guitar on tour with his progressive melodic metal band "Too Fond of Flames", Guitarist/Vocalist Joe Marsden will be stepping in on drums to rock with the deep psychedelics jams from bassist Lennon Baker's groove archives to create this potentially one time drum and bass funk metal odyssey jam session! 

They will be doing this at the sometimes annual "Grimes Fest" to be held at Elver Park on the afternoon of Saturday July 28th along with several other awesome indie bands and projects.

Even though Joe hasn't played drums live since Pep Band in high school and a brief drum/guitar swap stint with Cal at a show at The Rigby earlier this year he says "I feel like I'm better than ever after brushing off a few cobwebs!"  

This promises to be one of W.O.F's most interesting, unique, and experimental shows this year all in the name of FUN!  come on out for a great time and great music in the park!  For more info click here:  http://www.facebook.com/events/294566667273295/


Heading to Waukesha


Waukesha here we come!  It'll be our first time playing at C's Club V, let alone in Waukesha, and we're stoked!!  We'll have an hour and a half of music for you, with the second half of our set being all RHCP cover songs!!!  Yes that means you should get excited... Now we know Summerfest is going on, but do you really want to bother dealing with thousands of rowdy drunk people and insane traffic getting there and back?  Plus, get with the theme of this event and OCCUPY A LOCAL VENUE to support your local musicians!!  the Summerfest bands are getting paid whether you go or not, and if you actually live in the greater Milwaukee area, you've probably been to Summerfest more times than you've needed to anyway.  Besides, do you really want to see Train and Kelly Clarkson?? Fuck no you don't! 

Also playing will be the kick ass band Chaos Revolution Theory and they will melt your faces off!!!  Did we mention they are also a power trio??  So come on out for a good time locally at C's Club V this Friday the 29th!!  Be there or be somewhere else!


Sometimes Life EP Release Plans


Finally we are about to order the final copies of our new EP!!!  We know it's taken forever, we've all been very busy in our daily lives, but it really reflects a lot on the name and theme for the album "Sometimes Life".  

We are about 98% certain that we have a final mastered copy of the EP done by our good friend Drew Palasini, and tomorrow we plan on finalizing all of the graphic art for the EP with another good friend and talented photographer Jonah Westrich!  The goal is to have a CD replication order placed by the end of the week with the local company Sooper Dooper.  

We can't tell you how stoked you should be for this EP!  It may only be 4 songs long, but each song has it's own styling and mood that all tie together with the theme of "Sometimes Life".  You can expect more, improved singing, thicker guitars and wicked solos, bass that's literally in your face, and tight punchy drums that combine together into funk/rock/blues/metal grooves that will make you want to keep the tracks on repeat!  At least that's how we feel :)

So stay tuned for a final release date in late August!  As of now we plan on having our release party at the Regent Street Retreat and we're shooting for August 31st with plans on having some of our favorite awesome local bands playing with us!  We hope to make the show free and potentially will be having a free keg just to help motivate you to spend your $5 on getting this kick ass EP!!!


Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Show



Yep you saw that right, we're doing another RHCP set, and this one's the longest yet!  We'll be playing over an hour of music featuring 3 songs we didn't do over Halloween.  The Rigby is a really cool venue with a great atmosphere and staff and we can't wait to play this coming Friday!!!  It's a guaranteed good time just ask anyone that was out on Halloween last year.  So come on out to dance and sing to your favorite Chili Peppers songs!!


Gettin'er done!


So we just played a Battle of the Bands in Milwaukee at the Up and Under Pub this past Friday, unfortunately we didn't make it to the next round.  However, we had a killer time seeing our awesome Milwaukee friends and rocking out with them.  Thank you all sooo much, it means a lot to have your support!

Anyway, in the same weekend we rocked out about 70% of the mixing of our new EP Sometimes Life!!!  We're really stoked to be working with Lee Petz again as was the same person that recorded, mixed, and mastered Vital Hiatus for us!  We hope to finish up as much as possible this coming weekend so we can move through the next steps of the CD making process... we know, it's been a LONG time for just a 4 song EP but it'll be out for you to listen to soon, and we can't wait for you to hear it!

Aside from that we have a fair amount of shows booked in the near future that you can check out on our Calendar.  On that note, you may notice that there's not a date set for a CD release party, but there will be soon and it's gonna be huge! 

So stay tuned for new shit, and keep rockin!


Battle of the Bands!


The Up and Under Pub has once again invited us to be a contender in the Battle of the Bands they hold annually with the grand prize of either playing the Miller or Harley stage a Summerfest!  We'll be playing in the first round coming up on Friday, April 6th (4/6/12).  As you can see on the flyer, the doors are at 8PM with a $5 cover and ages 21+

You might have also noticed our motto for this show "VOTE OR DIE!"  This means that we need your help Milwaukee!!!  The winner of the battle is the band with the most votes... so it's really more of a popularity contest than anything, meaning that you're the judges, and we have every intention on rocking out balls to the walls for you!

Aside from our focus on the Battle of the Bands, you may have seen that we're staring to book up shows going into the Summer with the goal of two shows per month as well as branching out to new cities and neighboring states, so stay tuned to that!

We're also doing as much as we can and as time allows to work on our upcoming EP "Sometimes Life".  We're to the stages of Mixing and Mastering as of now and hope to finish that up as quickly as possible but that work is out of our hands on how fast it can get done.  Never the less we intend to release the EP in August as of now if everything goes as planned, so plan on coming out to huge free and rocking CD release party sometime in late Summer! 

Keep Rocking!!


Cancer Sucks - Breast Cancer Benefit Show


We'll be playing a breast cancer benefit show along with DR. Noise and Sky Road Fly at the Rigby this Friday, February 17th to help Tina Buechner to pay her medical bills for her struggle with cancer.  Here's a brief excerpt of Tina's history:

This is a benefit show for Tina Buechner. Tina was just starting her journey to becoming a Vet Tech after loosing her job due to the down turn of the economy when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She has had a lumpectomy and is getting ready to undergo chemotherapy soon. Tina has some insurance to help with medical bills, but not nearly enough to cover all of the medical expenses. 100% of funds raised at this show will be given directly to Tina to help off set some of the medical and everyday living expenses while she fights this evil cancer.

We'll also be donating 100% of the tips we collect for the night as well as 50% of all of our merch sales! It's really awesome to be a part of something like this, especially with this being our first "Benefit" show.  It's great to involve our love for music with helping someones well being directly, so if you can please come out and share this event with us and help out Tina! :)

"It’s really cool how this show came about and I have to give many thanks to Doctor Noise, in particular to Drummer Jon Kussow. Doctor Noise was my guest in the Bastard Den a few weeks ago. I was talking to Brook Buechner on the air promoting a benefit poker game for Tina. Jon was in studio and heard this, and the next day he text me asking if we can do a show for her. Not really sure how to say thanks to Dr. Noise and Jon. I do know that this is one of the many reasons why I love the local music scene her in Madison.
Also mega Thank You's to our friends in Wall Of Funk and Sky Road Fly for donating their time and wonderful music to help with this show. You all ROCK!"  -Jimmy K. (Max Ink Internet Radio).

This is a 21+ with a $5.00 cover. Show will start at 10 pm.


Milwaukee Rocks!


Wow!  We had such an incredible time back rocking out in Milwaukee thanks to all of our awesome fans!  It was great to hear nothing but good things about our show and our improvement over the years coming from our close friends!  Thank you guys soooo much for coming out and rocking with us! \m/

Coming up in a couple weeks we'll be playing another chill set for a Breast Cancer Benefit Show at The Rigby for Tina Buchner on Friday February 17th.  We'll be doing a separate post next weekend with more info and reasons for this show.

So after the need to do a lot of invasive editing and corrupted files all of our tracks are clean, and as of now we are set to record vocals at the beginning of February and finish up mixing and mastering our new EP by the end of March still with high hopes of releasing it by late May, early June.

And one last thing, we currently have all of Vital Hiatus available for free download here on our site as well as our new original track "Gravity" off of 2011's Max Mas album.  Shortly after we release our new EP we'll be making a four song demo CD with some of our best tracks to give away at shows and here on our website, but subsequently we'll be removing many songs off of Vital Hiatus from free downloadabilty, so get them while they're hot... and free!


Coming to Miwaukee!!


Finally we're heading back to Milwaukee thanks to a show hook up by our friends in Faultline Empires!  We'll be opening up the evening of Friday, January 27th at 9:00pm at the Up and Under Pub, whooo!  Following us will be Falling From Fiction, Modern Echo, and Faultline Empires (in that order).  The show is FREE and is 21+

We intend to give it everything we have for an intense performance for all of our good friends we haven't seen in a long time!  Come on out and get and have a good time with  us and your other friends as there's bound to be someone you know out there that you haven't seen in a while either!  And since the show's free you'll have $5 more to spend on getting drunk, XD

Also, for the time being we're still giving away a free copy of Vital Hiatus to anyone that signs up to our e-mail list at our shows, so this is your chance to get a copy if you haven't already, as well as have a killer Friday out on Brady St.!  See you there :)


Happy Holidays!!


We want to wish every single one of our fans a Happy Holidays!  Thank you all so much for being a part of what we've done over this past year whether it be coming out to see our shows or just keeping tabs online, it means a lot to us for you to be there with us on our musical journey, so thank you!! 

In fact, as a gift to you for the holiday season, you can now not only listen to our two songs of this years M.A.X-Mas album here on our website, but you can also download both songs for free (as well as last years songs and all of Vital Hiatus for free too!).  All you have to do is click on the M.A.X-Mas Vol. 2 (2011) drop down link from our Music/Discography tab above, then just right click on the download link under the song's title and click "download linked filed" and that's it!

We really hope you have a great end of 2011 and here's to much more exciting things to come in 2012... CHEERS!

Don't forget to never stop rocking, Peace!


Guitar Tracks Done and Success at The Rigby


Well, as you're reading this (if that's within 10 hours of this post) we're finishing up tracking guitars for our new EP, Sometimes Life, and we think you're going to be really stoked on the takes and tones that we're getting for the album!  We still plan on a release being sometime in the Spring of 2012.  We could try to pull off a late winter release, but who wants to release an album in the winter time in Wisconsin??  Oh yeah, MAX Mas would \m/...

And on another great note, our Black Friday chill set went off really well.  Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!  We actually might be able to do more stuff like that there sometime soon because we hear our good friend and DJ of Max Ink Radio, Jimmy K., might be doing some booking there, go Jimmy!

So now what?  You better be getting ready for a hell of a X-Mas party with the Release of MAX Mas on Sat. Dec. 10th at the Regent Street Retreat (old Annex).  With upwards of 20 bands all playing their songs off of this year's and last year's albums this promises to be a great time! (check our calendar for more info). 

We'll be posting our songs from last years album (Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Robot Santa) on Sound Cloud and on this site withing the next week for you to listen to, so stay tuned!


Special Black Friday Chill Set!


This coming Black Friday we'll be doing a special set with all of our tripped out chill songs, including a lot that we rarely play live!  We'll also be doing something awesome that we've never done before live!  And if you're in the giving spirit bring your canned goods to give to Second Harvest Food Bank.  Check out our calendar for more details!

In other news we've recently just finished up the bass tracks for our new EP to be titled "Sometimes Life".  We're also planning on recording the guitars this coming weekend and the vocals in the next few weeks.  If everything goes according to our timeline, we hope to have a CD release party in the Spring of 2012!

Also, we'll have some of the live video footage of our RHCP Halloween shows up online very soon!


M.A.X. Mas Is Around the Corner!


First off Happy Halloween weekend, and a happy birthday to Mr. Anthony Kiedis today.  With that in consideration, we had an amazing time doing our RHCP "spoof" shows this past Halloween weekend and would like to thank everyone that was a part of either night, especially Maximum Ink and DJ Dirty Jeff!

That aside, the release party for M.A.X. Mas Volume 2 is coming right up in mid December, and we've already tracked our instrumentals live at Madison Media Institute, and just have vocal left to finish up this week.  That should leave plenty of time for mixing, mastering, CD production by Dan-O and Kasper and party planning by our good friends Mr. Gehler and Mr. Kussow founders of Kuhler music group.

Until then we may have a show yet late November to support the M.A.X. Mas show with Kuhler concert series.  Otherwise we'll be spending all of November working on our EP to be titled "Sometimes Life" due out in Spring of 2012.




GET EXCITED!!  For two Halloween parties on back to back nights we'll be The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This means that we'll be playing an entire set each night with all RHCP songs with about half of the songs different on the second night!  The first night will be on Friday, Oct. 28th at the Frequency for the Max Ink Halloween party, and the second night will be the next day (Saturday, Oct. 29th) at a Halloween party at The Railhouse in Deerfield!  We are ecstatic about these shows, and we're spending all of October focusing on these two sets.  That plus writing an original song and working on a cover song for the second M.A.X. Mas album, and preparing for a show on Oct. 18th with Black with Envy and In Aeona!!  We'll be insanely busy this month, especially Joe considering he just started a full time job in Madison!!  That's right, we now all live in the greater Madison area and we're celebrating!!!  So once again, GET EXCITED, because there's plenty of killer Wisconsin funk metal coming your way!  Keep Rocking and stay tuned!


F.A.P. Fest in Marquette MI


We're heading back to Marquette Michigan once again to rock out at F.A.P. Fest on September 16th!  We've got some new professionally printed shirts and some specially made ones done by frontman Joe Marsden!  

We've also got a special set just for our friends at NMU and in F.A.P.!



Hello Again - Major Recap


 Well, well, well, here we are once again... the statement may have been that "we will try to continually post new stuff and what not" or something like that... anyways, we really mean it this time, and plan to update at least every other week with new material and such, whether it be pics, new music, live music, covers, NEW VIDEOS!, upcoming shows, free stuff or what have you. We promise to update you with cool stuff as frequently as possible!

 But for starters lets quick recap the past months...

 CD Release Party - Quite successful! Thank you to everybody that came out!! That was one of the best experiences we've ever had, so thank you all soooo much! Out of about 200 people it's hard to pick out everyone that was there so if you didn't get a personal thank you from us, we're sorry.

 We already have 2 CD reviews for Vital Hiatus from The Isthmus and Dane 101. You can check them out here: The Istmus - Dane 101

 Rock the Railhouse - An extremely successful follow up show to the release party. A bunch of cool bands, a lot of stoked fans getting the fuck down with us for our set, and screaming for an encore... Too Many Puppies was played, and overall an awesome day, well organized by the headlining band M.I.T.'s drummer, Clayton. Here's a sweet clip from that show:


 Mad Town Bash - A killer event set up by our good friends from the internet radio show, The Bastard Den on Infernal Rock Radio. Awesome bands and hilarious comedians were on the bill, the whole event was broadcast live over the internet on infernalrockradio.com, and because we headlined the show, and were graced with the gift of an awesome gigantic promotional poster for the show. Overall a funky show.

 Ridgeway - A show for the re-0pening of Uncle Milt's Bar, in a town called Ridgeway, just outside of Mount Horeb, WI. Overall it was a fun show with some more good friends i.e. - audio dude, Jeremy, the dudes in Government Zero, J-rome, C-fox etc. (sorry if your name lies in the etcetera, but you know who you are). We fortunately had a fairly enthusiastic crowd and played a rocking set, as well as signed some "documents" to be part of a local band Christmas Album.

 So that's the recap...

Coming up we have a show in Whitewater at Jitters next week Friday, October 15th, doors @ 8 PM. It's all ages and a free show too! We'll also have free stickers and we'll be doing a special deal on our new CD Vital Hiatus, on top of a killer set for everybody!

The week afterwards on Friday October 22nd, we'll be going back to NMU to play another basement show at like 8 PM ish... We'll be posting more details soon!

Otherwise we have this x-mas album thing, and a potential Intimate Evening with W.O.F. and M.I.T., and some other potential shows, new songs in the works, new making of videos, live footage from our release party and more!

Stay tuned and KEEP ROCKIN!!


CD Release Partay!!


Yes!  Finally we've finished our debut album Vital Hiatus!!!  we just recently got the pressed copies in the mail,  5 huge boxes with 200 CD's in each arrived at our Engineer and Graphic Artist's house last weekend!  And we also got some kick ass poster/flyers with that purchase.  We have some awesome new stickers and we're gonna get some killer shirts too!  All in preparation for our release party 

We'll be having a show at The Annex on Saturday July, 31st to celebrate the release of Vital Hiatus!  It's a FREE show with a FREE keg, and the Doors are @ 8 PM so get there early!  We'll be playing with Meaning In Tragedy and Lot 74.  M.I.T. will open up the night for us at 9, we'll go on at 10 ish and play for an hour, and Lot 74 will close off the night for us.  

We can't wait to show everyone this CD and put on an insane show for everybody too!  We're really proud of what we did with the CD and know you're gonna like it!  We really hope to see you at the show, and be sure to check out the CD on or after July 31st!

Check out the teaser video that Cal our drummer did for Vital Hiatus Here:


Keep Rockin!


95% Done!

Word up yall! So, we got to listen to all of the tracks, that will be on Vital Hiatus, just the other day and they sounded awesome! Just a little bit of tweaking and we should be done very very soon. Now we just have to plan a kick ass release party, that I'm sure if you're reading this you'll be attending it. Either way it's gonna be awesome. Also, we played an amazing show at Jitters in Whitewater. Thanks again to all of the crew for coming out there and rocking balls (Drunk). We gotta send out props to every one too for giving us an encore! Especially to Joe Carrig for jumping up on stage and going crazy... It was awesome. We also got several new faces that showed up too which is always cool, and we actually got some tips so an extra special thank you to all that donated! We're actually probably going to play Jitters again on April 8th for a special event so stay tuned for that. And we're still stoked about going to play the Annex april 23rd for Jon Kussow's Birthday Roast. It's all ages, and there'll be a free keg too, so definitely come out to that one! Oh yeah, and a happy belated 311 Day to you all! Here's the link for the Video clip that I did in tribute to 311 - We also just finished a new song that will be on our next CD. I just finished the Lyrics a few days ago, but we've been playing the song as an instrumental for awhile now so were ready to go on it (we actually played it live at the Jitters show). The song is tiled "Illusions". Getting geared up for the spring, Stay tuned and keep in touch for a lot of big new things from us! Peace, Joe (Funk Zombie)

Ok So We're Slackers

Hey, so we haven't done a post in a looonnnngg time. But that doesn't mean we haven't been up to anything, just that we've been lazy and slacking in the blogging realm! So, we've had 3 kick ass shows so far in the new year. Happy New Years by the way, a little late, actually a lot late, oh well deal with it. Anyways, our first was at the Cuda Cafe to help them get their new arrangement up and running. We played with Meaning in Tragedy again, and got hooked up with a local favorite of ours Lot 74. I guess they definitely dug us, and so did the crowd. We played an amazing show and got everyone movin' around, definitely felt great!! The next two shows were up in Michigan at Marquette and Munising for our first road trip and shows out of state! Both shows went incredibly well and the locals up there loved us and want us back. We definitely had a great time and want to go back very soon. We also started a 'Bat in your Face' tradition of the "Zombie Moshpit" and will continue to grow it at every show. Also, we did a slideshow picture montage of our past year as Wall of Funk to an acoustic rendition of 'Imagine' by John Lennon. Check it out here - Imagine Acoustic Cover/ Slideshow - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand Coming up soon we hope to do another show at Jitters in Whitewater, as well as a CD Benefit show at the Cuda Cafe. Also, we are definitely looking forward to playing for Jon Kussow's Birthday Roast at the Annex on Regent St. in Madison on April 23. That's gonna be a blast!! We also have Exclusive downloads for new fans at: www.sonicbids.com/walloffunk Stay tuned for the drop of another single off of Vital Hiatus before it's Summer release!! Peace out, Joe (Funk Zombie) As always you can check us out at these links: Join us on Myspace - www.myspace.com/1walloffunk Become a Fan on Facebook - www.facebook.com/walloffunk Follow us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/walloffunk Videos on Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

What up everyone! Notice the pic, it's from our recent photo shoot and is one of 5 solid keepers! So this last week we had a couple of solid practices and confirmed our show date at Club Inferno. We're also making some more headway and progress with our promotion and completion of our new CD Vital Hiatus, unfortunately still no solid date for it's release. The Inferno Gig will be on December 10th, a thursday, coming up next week. We need a big crowd so we'll be doing a lot of promotion to get all of our Madison peeps out. We're also gonna try a few new cool ideas during the show, including free stuff for many attendees. Expect a killer show! We still will have our first single off of Vital Hiatus coming out next weekend for sure, the song will be Like Cocaine! We seriously can't wait to get everyone a taste of what's coming! I decided to do an acoustic version of Void for a Youtube post this week, its one of our first songs ever written. Unfortunately the end of the song got cut off by my 3 min. maximum recording, but it was just like 5 seconds so I kept it. I apologize if this upsets anyone, but it pissed me off too, however I felt good about the performance. Check it out - Youtube Void Acoustic - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand As the year comes to an end, we have a lot of new and exciting things happening for us, stay tuned to see what we've been working very hard at! If you haven't yet - Connect with us on Facebook! - www.facebook.com/walloffunk Until next time, Keep Rockin' and Peace out! Joe (Funk.Zombie)

Roll Right, Roll On!

Word up! Man, we are getting super close with Vital Hiatus. We'll definitely have a single out by the end of this month! Still pretty uncertain as to a definite release date, but we guarantee only our finest quality of work! The firing party we played at for the art tour '09 went really well and we made a bit of cash too! we also found this super awesome program called Indy Band Manager which will hopefully help us really stay on track and on top of everything! We're definitely working on getting back on top of everything. It's easy to slack towards the end of the year, but we have to make our last big push for it. It's just hard when all we want is a month long vacation of doing nothing, but hey who doesn't? So, coming up we have a gig at the Inferno in the works as well as that single that we mentioned. We'll also have our new pics and graphics out by the end of the month too. For now, check out Lennon playing some riffage from the song Punch off of our EP Hot Insight! Punch on Bass - Youtube Vid - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand As always, keep rockin', I know we will! Peace out! (Joe - Funk Zombie)


So, we have some new stuff going on finally! We have an actual website set up so you should check it out! We have music and info, and anything else you would want to know or enjoy. WallofFunk.com We're still rollin' on the mixing of Vital Hiatus, and its going very well so far, now all we have to worry about is time and money! We had a killer show at Jitters in Whitewater this weekend and got to see a bunch of old friends we haven't seen in a while, and they got to check us out for the first time, their response was definitely good! Next weekend we're gonna put in about 2 solid days of work in on the CD and play a show for a firing party. And we don't have to go anywhere cause its at our practice space. So I guess things are going alright right now, other than the most ridiculous shit that could happen to me happing all in one month, I won't get into it but its just ridiculous! Well, I'm trying to get back on top of everything, heres to hard work! Peace out and Keep Rockin'! (Joe - Funk Zombie)

So Close!

So recording is finally done with! Right now I'm in Virginia for work setting up for this production in a gigantic red tent. Lee is gonna start mixing tomorrow and we'll start full production in about 2 weeks! We are so excited, it feels like everything is finally coming together, but this is where planning is most important to ensure that everything happens the way its supposed to happen. We have a lot of expenses coming up too with the new CD production and replication, new merch, and a release party to plan and pay for. Hopefully we can make some cash back on all of this... that means you WOF fans! Last weekend we had a kick ass show at the Cuda Cafe with Meaning in Tragedy. It was awesome cause it was the first time in a long time we actually had a crowd, and a damn decent one at that! I talked to one of my old teachers as well about putting out a new CD and taking care of all the legalities as well as where to really strive to get fully established as band in order to grow a fanbase and expand/ make money. Well anyways hope this was informative. I'll be sending out a newsletter shortly (if there's anyone reading this) so you can get a bit more in depth info and low down on Wall of Funk. This week's link - Engineer Lee Petz at his Finest - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand Until the release of Vital Hiatus, keep rockin' Joe (Funk.Zombie) Seems I've repeated some things from the post before... oh well, fuck it.

Recording and Awesome Shows!

What's up? Man we sure got a lot done this week! Vocal recording Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, along with various acoustic guitar and percussion instruments. We also had a kick ass show with an awesome crowd that Saturday night opening for Meaning in Tragedy at the Cuda Cafe! What and amazing weekend, getting drunk and doing the screaming on the record was a great idea! We should be finishing up recording this coming Thursday before I go off to Virginia to make some money with my normal work. Hopefully this time can be used for Lee to really hammer down on mixing the album, as well as time for me to get a handle on the album release and managing our band, which is surprisingly tough work! This Week's Link - Wall of Funk Live @ The Cuda Cafe - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and I can't wait to pull this thing off right! Keep rockin' and Peace out! Joe (Funk.Zombie)

Closer and Closer!

So this week wasn't too bad. We had a fun show at Stonefly Brewery with my friend's band Deflection. The turn out wasn't too good, and we got a noise complaint so we had to turn down?!! I said a few things about that... but, we rectified the situation and a few people who haven't seen us play yet enjoyed the show, so all in all another show under the belt. We need to work on show promotion and getting people out! That means you if you're reading this, which I know you're not, but you should check out the shows either way. Got some cool shit coming up, you know you want to, come on. Yeah so i added that last bit in cause seriously, I don't think anyone's gonna read this! The Grimes Fest show was unorganized, small, chill, and at a park, just what I wanted and expected! Seriously it was awesome, we just hung out and rocked with no pressure it's really fun to play in front of people that I know are accepting to most all music. I definitely enjoyed that show and hope to go next year. Thanks Dan! After words I went to the Lords of Discipline CD release party at the Annex. Got drunk and rocked the fuck out cause they fucking rule at playing metal and are hardcore extreme! Big crowd, hopefully we can pull of something like that with our CD release! Well this week and weekend we hope to finish up all the vocals, dubs, percussion, and miscellaneous other shit. I leave September 3rd for two weeks so we hope to leave that time for mixing and getting more money together! For real! This week's Link - Acoustic Funk Jam! - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand Peace out! Joe (Funk.Zombie)

More Done, More to Look Forward To!

Yo! Man, this weekend we got all of the guitars and bass finished up! Using two separate amp's gain channels for my dubbed distortion was a great idea, the tone is pretty brutal! That means all we have left are all of the vocals and miscellaneous percussion instruments and random cool dub parts. The mixing and production time is almost here, and that's the really exciting part! We have that show at the Stonefly Brewery this Thurday (2 days!) and we're pretty stoked for that! We also have Grimes Fest this Saturday which should be pretty cool too! Oh and we also got invited to play a show at the Cuda Cafe the 29th with our friends band. I'm glad we have some gigs soon cause I'm gonna be gone the first two weeks of September. Hopefully we can get all the recording done by that time, cause that will leave some time for making money and mixing! This week's Link - Wandering Out Solo Riff + Solo - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand Keepin' on the keepin' on, rock it non stop y'all! Peace, Joe (Funk.Zombie)

Mid Week

Alright, it's halfway through the week, yay! Last weekend was a busy one, Cal was gone to New Jersey, so Lennon and I jammed out Saturday for a while at the practice space, just rocking out. I was at a family reunion Friday and Saturday, so I got to talk to some cool relatives about our new CD! And on Sunday Lennon and I went to BAND CAMP! It was pretty awesome this year band wise, except JJO was being a bunch of pussies and had to stop cause of some lightning, fuck that, we all stood in the rain and waited for Dope to start and then proceeded to kill each other. Mudvayne rocked balls and played all the songs I didn't get to hear the other times I saw them. Anyways, we hope to get all guitars done this weekend and some vocals started. We're doing our best to keep rollin' on this CD and keep up on the business to really make something happen with this release. Professional all the way! Well we'll keep pushin', until next week, peace out! Joe (Funk.Zombie)

Another Week Gone By

Well, not too much this week. Lennon and I sat down with both our engineer (Lee) and our graphic artist (Travis) this weekend. We got an estimate of about how much it will cost to finish the sound production of our CD, still a fair amount of dough. We also listen to all of the tracks and discussed production and where we're at. Our graphics got a little more of a jump start, Travis seems to have more and more of good ideas toward the concept and image of our CD art, Logo, and band name as we picture it. We really liked the rough draft ideas he showed us, and we should be getting an overall estimate of how much that will cost too. Very exciting! Work this week wasn't too bad, but its gearing up to get hectic! I'm not too worried about it though, my mind is always on this CD so thats a good distraction, ha! I had fun this weekend, but I'm just trying to get over being sick with this soar throat. Check this week's link! - Teaching Monkeys Anonymous Riff - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand This coming week I hope to get some more guitars done, and finish up the bass. I'll also be working on my vocal dubs and plans, I keep getting new Ideas! I'll be working really hard on trying to get projects finished up, and getting things planned out. I recently got an advice CD on how to do a CD release party properly, It's very promising and should help me out a lot. My hopes are high for this next week, as always. Until next time, peace out! (Joe.Funk.Zombie)


Man am I fucking tired! I work as a Live Sound Technician in a shop in Milwaukee. It's a well established sound company so to say the least, they got a lot of shit! During the summer we're always busy and we do tons of festivals so thats about 5 big stages a week, loading in and out and then checking in and re-prepping about 80%-90% of the shop's gear in and out and back again in about a week. So I get to push that gear day in day out which you get used to, but some days the heavy lifting gets to be so much and so frequently that you don't have time to recover properly. I am suffering from this case this very moment. So yeah thats what's going on with the rest of my life. On the better side of things, my other time this week was occupied with tracking bass on Friday and Saturday, with a successful show at the Uptowner that Saturday night! There's about 95% of the bass done now! The drums are still sounding kick ass, and I'm super excited for them. There's still a lot of guitars to do, as well as all of the vocals, then the random percussion and shit. Including mixing and mastering properly, not only is that about $2,100 more, but its also a lot more time too. And that's not including the artwork and CD replication! Plus merchandise, touring, gear, business expenses, shit! That is some amount of money. However, procedures are being taken to fix this its just really difficult sometimes. Either way I'm stoked and can't wait to work more on this album more! By the way, at the Uptowner gig this guy named Ali came up to us saying we were "awesome and badass" and extra ecstatic about our drummer Cal (Drum.Wizard). He offered us to contact him about a gig at Fuzion, a club/ bar. He seemed kinda drunk though, so I hope this works out. Either way very exciting. This weeks Link! - Monkeys Anonymous Solo - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand Well I'm hoping I'll have as much to write about next time, here's to good wishes, Joe (Funk.Zombie)

What A Week!

Hello again! This week was pretty eventful, we had a killer show at the Up and Under Pub on Brady st. in Milwaukee on Thursday (7/16). We thought the turn out would be alright, but then it was gonna be really bad, and then all of a sudden it picked back up around 11:20 when we started playing. Solid set, and only amazingly positive feedback from everyone! Big D bought us all shots and we had a fun drunken after show too! Then on Saturday we got together with Lee our recording engineer and listened to all of our songs to see where we're at, do some editing, and set out deadlines and dates of when we'll accomplish such things. We still have a ways to go, but we are still going strong and on task. We keep getting more and more solid with our overall production plans, this thing is gonna kick ass so stay tuned for next week. We're gonna finish up guitars next weekend and get some of the bass work done on some shorter not as crazy songs. Hopefully we'll be able to work on finishing our new graphics for our logo, name, flag, and webpages. Here's to high hopes and good wishes, until next time, Peace Out! -Redefining the meaning of Funk! (Funk.Zombie) Check out our latest Youtube Vid! - Ratig Murd, Solo Acoustic - http://www.youtube.com/user/WallofFunkBand

The Funk's Standing

Well, well, well. We keep getting set back on this album, but this weekend we put down dates and deadlines to help get this shit done. We have a very dedicated Engineer, Lee Petz, who we trust will help make this album as professional and as amazing as we vision it. So, we'll keep things rollin' and still have plans for a hopefully late summer release still. Stay tuned for release party plans and such! We had some killer jamz this weekend and actually got to rock with a good buddy of ours that we haven't played with since our last band together. Lots of practice for the upcoming Up and Under show we have this week Thursday (7/16) starting 9:30 ish. We're headlining, with Cinquente Cinq opening up for us. We'll have a 1:30 hour or so set and will be playing almost all of the songs off of our upcoming CD. Come on out! Well that's about all for now, until next time, keep rockin' Peace out! (Joe.Funk.Zombie)

4th of July Weekend!

Awesome weekend and fireworks, I know we sure enjoyed the explosions! Slight setbacks with our recording schedule, but we hope to pick things up this next weekend. We have some promising album art and graphics plans set in motion, very exciting! Also, we are headlining a show at the Up and Under in Milwaukee with Cinquente Cinq opening for us. We'll be practicing plenty this weekend to get a killer show together. We'll play for 1 to 1.5 hours and will probably do all originals, as well as promote our new CD and try to raise money for it. Feel free to come on down and checkitty check it out. This shit is Fresh! - (Joe.Funk.Zombie).

Where We're At

Yo, well we've all been really busy lately and fairly preoccupied, it's been difficult to get around to actually writing a blog and take care of the business side of our music. Right now we are about 1/4 done with our new album. We have drums done and most of the guitars, but we also have a fair amount of the artwork and production planning for the album done as well. We're thinking about contracting an awesome local painter to do some cover work possibly. We have names and song line up done, our main hang up right now is cash, so we are scheming up some ways to get some quick band cash. We have a couple shows coming up in Milwaukee, one is July 16th at the Up and Under Bar, and the other is July 25 at the Uptowner Bar. I guess my main plan right now is to really put the hammer down on building our fanbase and keeping in touch with our fans. The goal is to have a business plan and routine on how to go about booking the shows we want, getting the exposure we're looking for, getting our music to as many people as possible, making a kick ass full length CD and promoting it, as well as developing our fanbase and striving to keep on top of our shit along side working almost full time. I think I have a lot worked out its just the motivational part that really has to kick in. Well thats my word for now, I will be posting more often now. -Funk Zombie

Tracking Away!!!

The show we had last weekend at the Possum Lodge was a big success! People at the show seemed to really enjoy the show, lots of positive feed back. Part of it I think was the fact that our show is coming together more and more. The visual aspect of our show has finally caught up with the music, combining to make a dazzling audio experience. On another note, we should be finishing up the guitar tracking and depending on how far we get, start the bass tracking for our new album this weekend. I hope we make good of the time we are in the studio and get some good tracks laid down. until next time >Lennon "the Funk Panda"<

Time for some Funkadelics

Hey everyone, we are pretty excited for the halloween and a half show at the Dipping Station tonight here in Milwaukee. It's going to be a good time. The first 2 hours are going to be occupied by our friend Brennan who will be the dj for the party. Then the show begins! Its kicking off at about 8 pm but we wont play until 10ish. Its going to be a tight squeeze because i unfortunately work until 9 30, but I'll be there. I cant wait to see our fans and give you all a great show(also it will be fun to chill with you all after the show and get some feedback, which we REALLY enjoy getting). I don't know about my fellow band members but I am slightly anxious for tomorrow when we begin recording at MasterBlaster Studios for our first full length album. I feel the recording will go very smooth and the album once complete will give people severe brain jamage! Be sure to keep an eye wide open for the albums late summer release. As always we are busy busy busy looking at venues for future shows. We are also looking at some venues for our cd release party. We are not sure if it will be in Madison or Milwaukee but we are certain that it will be a great time for our fans as well as for us. We are always looking for a good way to keep in touch with our fans so If you see a blog from an artist or a blog you think we would be interested in (especially your own, we like keeping in touch with our fans) make sure to leave us a link. Don't be shy now... listen to some groovin' jams at myspace.com or hittmusicgroup.com and let us know what you think or check us out at Twitter.com. Like i said we love feedback... A LOT!! until next time peace, >Lennon "the Funk Panda"<

Wall of Funk's First Post - Our Blog Objectives

Well I guess this is it. We've entered the realm of blogging. I never thought it would ever come to this... So getting started, have you ever seen a panda play some hard funk slapping bass? Well, we are Wall of Funk a Psychedelic Funk Metal Trio from outer space (a.k.a. southern Wisconsin). If you like intriguing new sounds combined with fun, energetic live shows then this is the music for you! A lot of things are going through my head right now, so I'll just start listing off our goals and objectives of blogging, and giving some insight to what we will be discussion and accomplishing. By the way my name is Joe, I am the Funk Zombie and may be doing most of the blogging here, however Lennon the Funk Panda and Cal the Drum Wizard may also do some posts, so we'll tag the end of our paragraphs for a little more insight towards who we are. First off we'll be sharing our band adventures with you the avid reader and fan. Our main goal is to gain more exposure by meeting and interacting with other creative and interesting people of the blogging universe. You can follow our daily progress as we work hard toward becoming an established musical group developing their career in the music business. Which can only be done with your help! Secondly, we want to share our love for music with you. Our true passion as musicians and as a band is to convey our emotions through the universal language of music, in order to have you feel the ecstasy that we do when we play music and to evoke the emotions that we feel when we wrote our songs. You can listen to us at: myspace.com/1WallofFunk Third, we really want to interact with cool new people and fans of music in general. This way there is a solid communication between us and you so feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and do whatever else you desire. We will promptly respond to anything and are very open minded so let us know what you think right now. Finally, we strive to provide an entertaining and creative atmosphere for each post with interesting explanations of our progress and achievements, as well as our day to day life. The world today is too full of bullshit, so we want to provide a diversion, no matter how small, from all the crap. You'll find that we spread the message of letting out your frustrations in a positive form and suggesting the bettering of the world through peace and understanding with music. Stay tuned and keep reading, we look forward to sharing our journey and experiences with you. (-Joe the Funk Zombie) Keep Rocking! Wall of Funk (P.S. get free downloads of our music on myspace.com right now!)